Elissa Hamon – Founder

You have a passion that you are pursuing – you were created to do what it is you do.
This is my passion – I was created to help you succeed.

With over 19 years of administrative and executive assistant experience, I genuinely enjoy accomplishing the day-to-day operations and tasks required for a business to exist.

In all I do, I see a purpose – a seemingly simple thank you letter can be an open door. I never underestimate the most minor of tasks.

I take pride in a well-crafted email. Hailing from a long line of word-nerds, I will proofread any flyer, brochure, report, or letter for you with excitement. Spreadsheets and logistical organization are this perfectionist’s world of wonder.

A textbook extrovert, meeting new people and discovering new worlds energizes my work.

Swapping a story or two with you, discovering what makes you uniquely you, brings a connection that I cherish. Learning of the creative work being done lights my fire to help fulfill its mission.

Raised in the nonprofit world, work done to better the lives of others and the world around us is my touchpoint.

With a career spanning the nonprofit arena and the corporate world, I am comfortable and skilled at navigating each field’s unique orientation.

Being a Virtual Assistant to nonprofits, solo-preneurs, and small businesses affords me the opportunity to live into my inherent talents and passions, allowing me to do what I was created to do so you can succeed at your passion.